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Announcing The Ananias Prayer Retreat from Fresh Expressions

AnaniasFresh Expressions US help churches send out pioneering leaders. This work must begin in prayer and be directed by prayer.

This is why we’re launching Ananias Prayer Retreats. Jesus said in John 10:27, “The sheep know the Shepherd’s voice, and they obey.” Ananias Prayer Retreats are designed to offer a “canvas,” that is, a covering that helps pioneering leaders to “listen and learn the voice of the Shepherd.” The Ananias Project grew out of the 2014 FXUS National Gathering. At that time, the person of the Holy Spirit visited the Gathering and revealed much to the 350 in attendance.

Ananias and Standing in the Gap

In Acts 9 we discover that Paul, the servant God called to write much of the New Testament, was given a vision through prayer that a man named Ananias would come to him. Ananias would tell Paul all he was called to suffer for His sake. Ananias was a disciple of Jesus. Even though he was fearful, when the Lord told him to go to Paul, he did as he was instructed. After Ananias had laid hands on Paul, he received the Holy Spirit. Paul’s first act in Ministry it says, “…immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues, saying, ‘He is the Son of God.'” We have Paul, in part, because of Ananias’ obedience.

Ananias Prayer Retreats

Ananias Prayer Retreats are for churches, missional organizations and intercessors who desire to grow in their ability to hear the voice of the Lord. As they develop this capacity, they will provide even greater support to their leadership in discerning the will of God. They will also to undergird their organizations in intercessory prayer, in essence, “standing in the gap” for the mission to be fulfilled.

Cost and Itinerary

We are offering this first Pilot Retreat to NorthStar Intercessors as the core attendees. We have 20 spaces available at Richmond Hill Retreat Center. The cost is $199/person which includes, 5 meals, lodging, and retreat time. The Itinerary, at present, is as follows:

Thursday Night:

Arrive 4:00

Dinner Together 7:00

Candlelit Prayer Ministry Gathering



“On the Hill with The Shepherd”


“Listening to The Shepherd”

Dinner Free Time



“Gathering Together”

Closing Prayer Ministry

Limited Spots Available. Register Today!


Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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