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Brian Sanders: Get to Know the Micro-Church Maestro, Pastor and National Gathering Presenter

Fitch FXNGAt AND: Being the Church at church at Home and Everywhere In Between, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from women and men who have helped make fresh expressions of Church a growing worldwide phenomenon. We’re excited that Brian Sanders is joining as a featured speaker.

Brian is executive director of Underground Network, a coalition of churches in Tampa, Florida united by a call to biblical justice and love for the poor. And he is the lead pastor of the network’s founding church, the Underground Church. He holds a degree in applied theology from Spurgeon’s College, London where he saw what it would take for a church to become a source of life to a community.

The Underground Network and the Micro-Church Form

Brian Sanders Interviewed Regarding Underground’s Manifesto

Life after Church and other Writings

Brian has authored several books, including Life After Church: God’s Call to Disillusioned Christians and Different: Reimagining holiness for a wandering church in a watching world (coauthor, Mike Patz). Professor and author Scot McKnight said about the book

“This is the only book I know of that is about leaving church, not in the sense of tossing in the towel, but of thoughtful, deliberate, wise leaving because one’s heart burns for the kingdom more than one’s local church does. This book is not crazy or angry; it’s thoughtful, judicious, and programmatic for those who want to pick up stakes and do church differently, more radically.”




“I want to meet Brian at AND!”

Fresh Expressions


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