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Tory Baucum: Get to Know the Rector, Scholar, Peacemaker and National Gathering Presenter


At AND: Being the Church at church at Home and Everywhere In Between, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from women and men who have helped make fresh expressions of Church a growing worldwide phenomenon. We’re excited that Reverend Tory Baucum is joining as a featured speaker.

Blessed are the Peacemakers

An American Anglican priest and the Rector of Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia, Revd Baucum is a bona fide peacemaker. From his training to his preaching to his praxis, Baucum evinces zeal for his call to the ministry of reconciliation, seeing it as a basis for missiology and a primary characteristic of fresh expressions of church.

In 2014, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, announced the installment of Tory Baucum as one of the Six Preachers of Canterbury Cathedral, the Mother Church of the Anglican Communion. In addition to Baucum’s experience with homiletics and evangelism, his appointment was just as much a result of the Reverend’s commitment to reconciliation, which was a primary focus of Canterbury’s archbishop.

Revd Baucum has been described by archbishop Justin Welby as “a fine scholar, an excellent preacher, and above all someone with a holistic approach to ministry.” Archbishop Welby detailed how Baucum built an authentic, deep friendship with a bishop who held “immensely different views,” thereby demonstrating “a pattern of reconciliation based on integrity and transparency.” The archbishop concluded, “Such patterns of life are essential to the future of the Communion.”

Read More about this beautiful story in the New York Times.

At Fresh Expressions US, we see this dynamic of reconciliation as central to the missional movement inherent in the glory of God’s Church, making Revd Baucum an obvious fit for this year’s National Gathering presenters.

Revd Baucum obtained his Master of Arts degree and a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. He holds a doctoral degree in intercultural theology from Asbury Theological Seminary, where he has also served as Associate Professor of Preaching and Church Renewal. He has served as rector of All Saints Church in Kansas City, Missouri and has taught at Virginia Theological Seminary, specializing in areas such as St. Augustine, John Wesley, homiletics, evangelism and contextual theology. He has also taught in Anglican provinces and colleges from London to Uganda.

Here at Fresh Expressions US, we have the honor of having Dr. Baucum serve as Chairman of the Board. This tried and true reconciler employs the elements of reconciliation throughout the entirety of his life and ministry.

The Book and the Blog

One of the most salient areas in which we see the elements of reconciliation manifested is Dr. Baucum’s missiology, which is roundly explored in his book Evangelical Hospitality: Catechetical Evangelism in the Early Church and its Recovery for Today.


One can also become more familiar with catechetical evangelism and peacemaking in missiology by reading Dr. Baucum’s blog, Rector’s Rough Draft, where the rector pens nascent, yet rich, theological and ecclesiastical thoughts, such as sermon ideas, exegetical notes, cultural observations, Anglicanism, ministry initiatives, and prayer requests. Baucum explains that his blog primarily serves as a repository for rough drafts of first ideas and is a place intended for communal engagement: “I write primarily for parishioners,” he says, “but friends, inquirers and others are welcome to join our conversation.”

This excerpt from an entry on his participation in the World Meeting of Families reveals his peacemaking mission in action:

Reflecting on the week, I am deeply encouraged. The presentation affirmed and validated our work of building bridges and pursuing peace-making across denominational lines and discovering not just allies, but friends. Our time connecting with other ordained and lay leaders at the conference clarified that many in the Church today are in fact hungry for this kind of partnership, and are hopeful for the fruit it will continue to bring. And seeing so many of you there to support this event beautifully illustrated just how special Truro is: as a parish, as a bold community of faith, and as a spiritual family to me personally.

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