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What You Can Look Forward to From Fresh Expressions US

Like you, the Fresh Expressions team has shifted into summer mode. But before you know it, we’ll be gearing up for a new season of Fresh Expression training.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Pioneer Learning Community, Orlando, Fl.

We’ll be kicking off a new Pioneer Learning Community in Orlando, Florida the weekend of September 15-16. This learning community is geared towards leaders or teams starting a fresh expression of church, or existing church leaders who are trying to develop a culture of launching multiple fresh expressions of church out of their congregation.

The Pioneer Learning Community kicks off with a two-day retreat, includes monthly group coaching as well as two online training modules, and concludes with a two-day retreat February 2-3. Get more information and register HERE.

Dinner Church Immersion, Washington & Florida

For those with a particular interest in dinner church, we will be offering training on both the east and west coasts. The Seattle Dinner Church Immersion is a 3-day training event, which includes participation in two different local dinner churches, as well as comprehensive training for starting a dinner church in your own context.

Also, we will be offering a one-day Dinner Church Immersion in Cape Coral, FL, featuring a day of training on theology and practice, followed by an evening at a local dinner church. Get more information and register HERE.

Vision Days

Vision Days will be popping up around the country as denominations and churches invite us to share the vision of the Fresh Expressions movement and inspire Christians to activate imagination and energy for releasing new forms of church in their neighborhoods and networks. Check our event calendar for a Vision Day near you, or invite us to come work with a group of churches and leaders in your area.We love to see people come alive with possibilities at a day long Vision Day event, and we love to work with smaller groups of leaders or churches to focus on local strategy through roundtables and local church training. CLICK HERE to find out what might be the best option for you by contacting us and talking through the options.


In addition, we have plans for new e-books, webinars, and print resources, so stay tuned for ways we can continue to encourage and resource you as you seek to start fresh expressions of church.

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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