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Meet Evelyn Sekajipo: National Gathering Featured Speaker

Your opportunity to develop creative leadership skills alongside Evelyn Sekajipo, Founder and Executive Director of Mama Africana and governing elder at Tampa Underground Network, happens at this year’s National Gathering: Steeple to Street: Leadership in a New Mission Era.

About Evelyn Sekajipo

Evelyn Sekajipo’s engagement with the world outside the church walls evinces the archetypal steeple-to-street mindset. Her understanding of the relationship among identity, belonging, and community has produced fruitful Christian engagement at the mission edge. Her nuancing of how churches can identify with the marginalized without conforming to the false-identification aspects of culture has allowed African American girls to form new steeples that don’t come with the baggage of hegemony so often associated with Christendom, an abuse that caused a lasting damage to the black identity that remains today.

What better way to address such issues than to be the true body of Christ, the Christ who comes near. That is exactly what Evelyn Sekajipo teaches us by her actions and relationships out from under the shadows of the steeple.

In her own words, Evelyn describes her organization, Mama Africana (MA):

Mama Africana is a Christian mentoring program designed to empower Black girls in their ethnic identity and relationship with Jesus. This is done through one-on-one and group mentoring, academic advocacy, leadership development, and now, through MA Designs, entrepreneurial opportunities.

The beautiful thing about MA is that it is led by black women. In a society where black girls are often singled out or disregarded, we at MA provide space where they are seen and heard, to be themselves. With black girls being mentored by godly black women, we provide an avenue for them to interact with role models that look like them. MA mentors are teachers, social workers, counselors, architects, engineers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and stay-at-home mothers. 

You can also see Evelyn Sekajipo describe this beautiful incarnational ministry and the missional nature of advocacy as you prepare for National Gathering 2018.

When Evelyn is not actively engaged in changing the world one life at a time, she can be found resting with her husband Wil and playing with their son Amarius in Tampa, Florida.




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