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62 Places for a Fresh Expression

Who is in your community that your church is currently not reaching?

For whom is your heart breaking?

With whom might God be inviting you to engage in life together?

These are the kinds of questions that we begin to ask as we consider what it looks like to move from the Steeple to the Streets. At the National Gathering last month, we posed these kinds of questions to the participants. Their responses give us a picture of the wide variety of people and groups and networks that God is inviting the Church to engage with:

  1. Spanish speakers living around our church
  2. International students without support, networks, or tastes of home
  3. Artists
  4. Butler Terrace community—a low income apartment community
  5. African American leaders of Atlanta
  6. Nepalese/Bhutanese Refugees
  7. Young families in new developments around our church facility
  8. Meredith Center
  9. Celebrate Recovery
  10. Singles—those who want to be and those who don’t
  11. Teens and young adults
  12. Latin American immigrant families
  13. People in Recovery
  14. Nepali families
  15. Central African families
  16. Those impacted by opioid addiction
  17. Fitness enthusiasts
  18. Those impacted by mental illness
  19. Working poor
  20. Elderly
  21. Single moms
  22. Inmates
  23. Homeless
  24. Abuse victims
  25. People with chronic illness
  26. Single parent families
  27. Anyone without a connection
  28. Mentally disabled
  29. People in the marketplace—owners, employees, suppliers, customers
  30. The LGBT Community
  31. Millenials
  32. Trinity neighborhood
  33. Business community
  34. Gastonia, NC
  35. Racially diverse neighbors
  36. Families with children living below the poverty line who have no access to preschool or healthy food.
  37. Mosaic District of Northern VA
  38. High School students
  39. Middle School students
  40. Haiti St. residents, Warrenton VA
  41. People in substandard housing in my community
  42. People in my community far away from relatives
  43. The Brightmoor neighborhood, Detroit MI
  44. Lake people (50-60 year olds) who are “Dones”
  45. Young adult “Dones”
  46. Trailer park communities
  47. Retired neighbors
  48. People who are navigating the court system
  49. Homeless veterans
  50. Soccer families
  51. Restaurant workers
  52. Motorcycle community
  53. Marginalized people
  54. Artists using their art to fight for justice
  55. 2nd and 3rd generation Korean/Korean Americans
  56. Zo people from Myanmar
  57. Chin tribe from Myanmar
  58. Mizo tribe from Myanmar
  59. Pan-African refugees in Clarkston, GA
  60. Young parents
  61. Spiritually homeless people in Suwannee, GA
  62. Skateboarders in our parking lot

Each of these represents a context in which a fresh expression of church may be better able to make the gospel real and relatable than our existing churches can.

What if 62 fresh expressions of church made a journey with Christ accessible for people who were able to discover God’s love?

What if 62 fresh expressions of church gave disconnected people an experience of deep community?

What if 62 fresh expressions of church allowed hope to be visible in a world where hope seems far away?

And what if 62 fresh expressions of church are just the beginning of what God is doing and will do?

Will you join us in praying for these 62 potential fresh expressions initiatives, and for the countless more that God is putting on the hearts and minds of His disciples?

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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