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FX Resource: Powerful Questions with J.R. Briggs

Never underestimate the art of the question. 

Most people have a general sense that questions can be a useful tool, but they haven’t fully understood the power and potential of questions in ministry and leadership. 

Additionally, most haven’t been adequately equipped to know how to use questions strategically and effectively in fresh expressions contexts. 

J.R. Briggs uses his passion and experience in asking significant incisive questions to teach participants how to recognize great questions and how to maximize them for greater kingdom impact.

In this FREE webinar…

  • Learn how Jesus used questions as a catalyst for ministry connections and opportunities
  • Grow to understand the importance of questions and the power they hold 
  • Discover specific ways to cultivate a question-asking posture
  • Receive questions to ask when moving from building community to exploring discipleship in the Fresh Expression process.

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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