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Virginia United Methodist Conference Partners with Fresh Expressions US!

Fresh Expressions US is proud to announce a new partnership with the Virginia United Methodist Conference

We were recently able to ask Mark Ogren, Director of Congregational Excellence for the Virginia Conference some questions about this new partnership!

Tell us about your denomination/organization

The Virginia United Methodist Conference is the umbrella organization for the United Methodist churches in the Commonwealth of Virginia with the exception of the southwestern most tip of the state. There are 1200 churches in the conference which are divided into 16 Districts. The mission of the Virginia Conference is to equip local churches for ministry and provide a connection for ministry beyond the local church.

How did you learn about FX? What drew you to it?

My peers in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church gave me my first connection. I attended a National Fresh Expressions event in Alexandria in 2015.

Why do you think it is important to partner with FX?

This partnership provides experienced leaders to cast the vision of what Fresh Expressions is and how it can apply to our ministry settings.

What hopes do you have for the growth of your organization, and where do you see FX fitting into that?

Our Fresh Expressions initiative is aimed at our rural, small membership churches as we promote our first wave of Vision Days.

Do you have any Fresh Expressions now, or others you’d like to develop soon?

We have several Fresh Expressions-like settings which we want to expand on.

What resources have you found helpful?

Fresh Expressions presenters and books and the suggested registration/publicity process for our Fresh Expressions events.

What would you say to other leaders considering partnering with FX?

The partnership is well worth the investment. Following the guidelines given by Fresh Expressions, we have had 100 folks at each of our events so far this year!

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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