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FX Resource: Graham Cray- How Fresh Expressions is Changing the Landscape

In 2012 Graham Cray spoke at our FX National Gathering.

Bishop Graham Cray shows us how the Holy Spirit lights the landscape on fire when we maintain a strong focus on mission, allow ourselves to re-imagine what church can be, and form partnerships among groups. The key, he said, is to “connect the center to the edge” by creating a new form of church for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church. As in the U.K., the expressions are rich in variation—messy churches, cafes, workplace churches, alternative worship, midweek activities, etc.—and the freshness is definitely rich in experimentation. Fresh expressions of church are missional, contextual, formational, ecclesial communities that are not meant to be “church lite,” to oppose traditional church, or to re-brand or bridge existing work but instead serve to proclaim the Gospel and spread the Holy Spirit’s fire in new ways to new groups of people.

You can watch the rest here

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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