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Announcing Fresh Expressions US Immersions

You Can’t Be What You’ve Never Seen- But Now You Can See for Yourself!

You like the idea of fresh expressions. You’ve read a few books. You’ve discussed it at your church.

But you’re still having trouble imagining what it could really look like.

Fresh Expressions US Immersions are a three-day long, on-site experience where you will witness the power of fresh expressions to reach new people and develop a plan for your church to start new forms Christian Community.

Williamsport Immersion

Williamsport, Pa Sep. 29-Oct. 1

Join Matt Lake , Mitch Marcello and the team at First Church and The Acts Network, a network of more than a dozen fresh expressions of Church. While participating in expressions like a rugby church, swing dancing church and dinner church you will rediscover your own passion for what church can look like.

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Wildwood Immersion

Wildwood, Fl. Oct 26-28

Join Michael Beck and the Wild Ones to witness how a church of less than a dozen elderly members has exploded into multiple weekend gatherings and more than 15 fresh expressions in tattoo parlors, dog parks, burrito joints and more. Along the way, you’ll learn how to multiply pioneering leaders and teams to launch your own fresh expressions strategy.

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Seattle Dinner Church Immersion

Seattle, WA October 21-23

Join Verlon and Melodee Fosner and the team at Community Dinners to discover how a 100 year old traditional Pentecostal church was transformed into a network of more than a dozen dinner churches. You will visit multiple dinner churches and receive in-depth training to help you develop your own Dinner Church strategy.

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