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What’s Happening in North Carolina?

Here’s the current reality in North Carolina:

  • On any given Sunday only 22% of the population in Western North Carolina is in worship.
  • Over the past two decades not one county in the US has grown in overall church attendance/participation and that includes areas where mega-churches exist.
  • When the overall population of the US has been surveyed about their religious affiliation those who indicate “non-affiliated” or checked “none” include:
    • One out of every six Americans
    • One out of every five men
    • One out of every three young adults ages 18-29
  • In less than a half a century our “churched” culture has declined from 98% to 73% which is 1% per year.
  • If only 22% of our current population is in worship or participating regularly in the life of the church and that number is declining by 1% a year where will we be in 20 years?

The most effective strategy for reaching people for the Kingdom of God and helping them become disciples of Jesus Christ includes strengthening the vitality of our current congregations AND starting new churches in missionally appropriate areas and contexts.

The UMC in North Carolina is discovering that many of their most effective new church plants emerge in, through and from their existing churches. In other words, churches that help start fresh expressions, find themselves becoming more vital!

Here’s a look at what’s happening in North Carolina-


Are you in North Carolina, and interested in Fresh Expressions?

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Dinner Church Launch Cohort

Launch Cohorts are a 6-month training process designed for leaders and teams who understand Dinner Church in theology and practice. (preferably participants have attended a Dinner Church Encounter)

Cohorts specifically help your Dinner Church plant team answer the Who, What, Where, How, and Why questions that enables your team to open up a dinner church in your city.

Dinner Church coaches and trainers will be present to help guide and create a specific plan with you and your team to begin launching dinner churches soon after the training.

The Launch Cohort is book-ended by two intensive days (Pre-Launch and Post-Launch) and includes ongoing coaching circles that provide strategic support for the newly developing Dinner Church initiative.

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In another part of the country and want to know more? Check out a Vision Day or other Fresh Expressions US event near you!


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