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FX Resource: Signs of Love- Christian Liturgy in the Everyday Life of the Family

Perfect for:

  • Married couples to read together
  • Couples small groups
  • Those with a familiarity with Catholic and Anglican sacraments, liturgy, and iconography

In these pages you’ll:

  • Discover how the church sacraments have significant meaning for our everyday marriages
  • Begin to discover how domestic church is key to the re-evangelization of North America
  • Learn what it means to witness to the community by first witnessing at home

About the Book

Through its powerful examination of church sacraments—baptism, confirmation, forgiveness, eucharistic union, and last rights—Signs of Love shows us that these “outward, visible signs of inward, invisible grace” are not just for Sunday but, when incarnated in the life of the married couple, vital tools for discipleship and evangelism.

Preview the first chapter here.

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Fresh Expressions


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