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3 Reasons Why YOU Should be at the FX National Gathering… and How You Can Get There for FREE!

In this awesome testimonial video, Anne Marie Carley gives us three great reasons to be at the Fresh Expressions National Gathering in April, 2020!

Check it out:


Top three reasons I am going to the Fresh Expressions National Gathering in 2020 and why you should join me…

  1. It may start on April 1st, but the top-notch line up of presenters is NO JOKE! How can you not be excited about that line up?
  2. I didn’t know there was such a thing when it happened 2 years ago and I don’t want to be the fool who lets a great opportunity pass me by. I mean think about it. For less than $50 a day I’m going to get to learn from amazing practitioners, not feel like an alien because I won’t be the only pioneer around and gain an incredible amount of energy to continue on. I got my ticket before the first price increase, but even when tickets are full price it is a steal of a deal!
  3. It’s a chance to bring my #1 permission giver (my lead pastor) to learn with me! Seriously, we all know that there are times that those we are working with hear things better when they come from other people. Three days of that….priceless!

So who is going to join me and who are you bringing with you?


We’re giving away 3 Free Registrations to the FX National Gathering 2020!

Click here to find out how YOU can grab one!


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Fresh Expressions


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