FX Resource: Essential Keys for Coaching Pioneer Leaders

“What would it look like for you to move this idea to action?”

The question was the kick in the pants I needed from a coach who had helped me navigate the myriad of ideas swirling around. I could do this thing, I could do the other thing, I could choose yet another course of action. I was so caught up in the what-if’s, I was paralyzed to move forward to action. Until my coach asked me the question that got me out of my head, and moving a mission forward. That’s the power of coaching. What do you need in this season of your fresh expression missionary journey? How might a coach be just the voice you need to help you to thoughtfully and intentionally move forward? Coaching is “just-in-time” learning as pioneers are seeking to navigate the complexities of ministry that has no map or checklist. As leaders face inevitable challenges and decisions along the way, coaching asks the questions that help clarify vision and action plans. Books are good. Training is good. Both can equip you for a mission God is calling you into. But in the midst of the journey, coaches are an invaluable resource for step-by-step discernment along the way. “My wife and I received a lot of support, encouragement, and prayer during our coaching sessions. We received confirmation, redirection when needed, and guidance as we established Fresh Expressions in a rural area where it was most difficult to do so. Our coaching sessions were priceless for our spiritual formation as pioneers in the Fresh Expression movement.”—Alex and Velma Christian, Fresh Expression Pioneers Need a coach? Fresh Expressions now offers both custom coaching (for individual fresh expression initiatives) and group coaching (for pioneers in similar stages of the fresh expression journey). Click here for more on this! And here’s a great resource from FXUS on coaching! Your church wants to release pioneering leaders among you to start new things. But great pioneers don’t just come out of nowhere. They’re going to need some coaching! In this webinar, you’ll be introduced key concepts for coaching pioneers, such as…

  • Common issues every pioneer faces
  • Essential skills a pioneer needs to develop
  • How coaching pioneers differs from coaching other leaders


Check out the full resource here


Bob Hyatt

Bob is the Director of Equipping and Spiritual Formation for the Ecclesia Network. He’s the co-author of Eldership and the Mission of God: Equipping Teams for Faithful Church Leadership as well as Ministry Mantras: Language for Cultivating Kingdom Culture. He planted the Evergreen Community in Portland, OR in 2004 and holds a DMin from George Fox/Portland Seminary. Bob currently lives in Boise, ID with his wife, Amy, his kids, Jack, Jane, and Josie and his dog, Bentley.


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