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New- Shannon Kiser on the Purpose of Fresh Expressions! (Listen)

Thinking Outside the Church: Episode 4 “What is Fresh Expressions?”

Ben interviews Shannon Kiser, who is the Director of Training at Fresh Expressions. She explains the purpose of Fresh Expressions, and how churches can begin to live out that purpose.

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Read Shannon’s Fresh Expressions blog: https://freshexpressionsus.org/author/shannon-kiser/

To learn more about Fresh Expressions, visit: https://freshexpressionsus.org/


Thinking Outside the Church is a new, limited series podcast by Ben & Katie Conrad, hosting conversations about the modern church culture and new ways of expressing Christian Community.

Each Monday, they’ll be dropping a new episode to help you in your Fresh Expressions journey.

Ben is a current student at Evangelical Theological Seminary and works at First United Methodist Church in their Acts Network ministry to develop Fresh Expressions communities in Williamsport, PA.

Katie works at First United Methodist Church as their Director of Technology. She loves sharing stories in meaningful ways to connect people.

They are excited because of the knowledge and advice shared by experienced leaders who know what’s going on in the church today, and how we can navigate this new world.

Thinking Outside the Church




Podcast Schedule: 

Episode 0 – “They’re Saying That About the Church?”
Episode 1 — “The Modern Reformation” with Chris Backert
Episode 2 — “Being a Church Leader Today” with J.R. Briggs
Episode 3 — “Blended Ecology (Both/And Church)” with Michael Beck.
Episode 4 — “What is Fresh Expressions?” with Shannon Kiser
Episode 5 —  “Bridging the Gap” with Mitch Marcello and Matt Lake


Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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