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FX Resource: Coming Soon from Leonard Sweet and Michael Beck!


Why are some institutions thriving while others are closing their doors, declaring bankruptcy, and throwing in the towel? Why are some churches missionally prospering while others are experiencing significant decline?

The answer to these questions is an ancient secret, now unveiled afresh for mission on the front lines of a post-COVID world. The Tribe of Issachar possessed a distinct kind of intelligence which recognized that what worked in one season or location doesn’t necessarily transfer to another.  This vital skill, known as contextual intelligence, is now unearthed for this pivotal moment.

In this groundbreaking book from renowned author Len Sweet and trailblazing missional pioneer Michael Beck, you will explore the phenomenon of contextual intelligence, discover a framework for its cultivation, and learn how you can apply it in your own circumstance.

In these pages you will be called to a new order that the authors are calling The Issacharians, the tribe known for the ability to “read the signs of the times and know what to do.”

Releasing NOV 9th, 2020



Leonard Sweet is a scholar of American culture, a visionary leader who “sees things the rest of us do not see.” He is a frequent guest lecturer at seminaries, university campuses, and leadership events. He is the author of more than 60 books, 1,500 published sermons, and 200 published articles.



Michael Adam Beck is Director of Re-Missioning for Fresh Expressions US. Michael serves as co-pastor of Wildwood UMC with his wife Jill, where they direct addiction recovery programs, a jail ministry, a food pantry, an interracial unity movement, and a network of 13 Fresh Expressions that gather in Tattoo parlors, dog parks, salons, running tracks, community centers, and burrito joints. Michael holds a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary.

And join the Authors for a special Resilient Church Masterclass as they discuss themes from the book…

Also, join Mickael Beck and Roz Picardo in the final 4-week track of the Resilient Church Academy- Contextual Intelligence: The Ancient Secret to Mission on the Frontlines.

  • Mondays from 3pm-5pm Eastern
  • November 2 / 9 / 16 / 23

What Others are Saying About Contextual Intelligence

 “The impulse of ministry has tended to focus on strategies around preaching, teaching and reaching communities and tended to neglect the contextual art of looking, listening and learning. Len and Michael not only inform and inspire leaders to cultivate the art of collaborative contextualization for ministry but also instruct and inform leaders on how to do this essential work for the sake of Kingdom advancement.”

– Jorge Acevedo Lead Pastor, Grace Church A multi-site United Methodist congregation

“What would you expect from a book by Len Sweet and Michael Beck? Cutting edge. Upending vision. Engaging practices. Unfettered hope. They deliver all this and more in Contextual Intelligence. Passionate about God’s reign in the world and not just a vibrant church, they bring all their mastery of insight to bear on the cultivation of contextual intelligence for this liminal time. You will not want to put this book down! Read, attend to, and absorb this vision, for God’s sake.”

– Dr. Paul Chilcote

“Beck and Sweet’s Contextual Intelligence exemplifies biblical examples with practical vignettes to help pastors thinking differently about their mission field. Contextual Intelligence will help readers see their world in a new way and how to interact across different cultures. With pertinent questions, pastors and general readers will look at Jesus Christ in a new way, as the prime example of contextual intelligence.”

– Dr. Roz Picardo

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Fresh Expressions


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