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Learn How Your Church Can Worship Both Online and In-Person in Innovative Ways

The year 2020 brought about seismic shifts in the way we engage in weekly worship, but the Good News of Jesus Christ has remained the same.

In this new season of ministry, you need a strategy for telling the old story in whatever setting you find your church can gather in.

Hybrid Worship draws on Jason Moore’s deep experience in curating innovative worship gatherings to give you the tools to develop your own experience that engages your congregation’s physical and digital communities.

The timeless truths of the Gospel must be translated for both online and in-person audiences, and that doesn’t happen automatically or without intention. The momentum many churches have gained throughout the global pandemic in online worship can continue and even be built upon. Or we could easily revert to what worship looked like prior to its arrival and lose many of the gains we’ve made during this season of innovation.

Join author, coach, and creative worship specialist Jason Moore for a three-part Hybrid Worship Track for the Resilient Church Academy to explore ideas, strategies, and best practices for engaging in transformative worship in this present time.

The training will explore 9 strategies for how to tell the story in a new time, 3 strategies for how to create BOTH/AND hybrid worship where neither online nor in-person audiences feel like an afterthought, as well as how to build a robust plan for first impressions/guest readiness and so much more.

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