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Meet Michael Beck. He Believes in Better Days Ahead.

What if your church’s best days were ahead?

It might be hard to believe, especially with the difficulties of 2020 still looming over us.

But at the Future Church Summit, Michael will be sharing on the topic, Better Days Ahead: A Thriving Mission in a Polarized, Post-Corona, Hyper-Connected World.

Get to Know Michael

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Dr. Michael Adam Beck serves in a number of roles, including Director of Re-Missioning for Fresh Expressions USCultivator of Fresh Expressions for the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, and Director of the Fresh Expressions House of Studies at United Theological Seminary and co-pastor of Wildwood UMC and St Marks UMC with his wife Jill. Wildwood and St Marks are traditional congregations AND a network of thirteen fresh expressions that gather in tattoo parlors, dog parks, salons, running tracks, community centers, burrito joints, and digital spaces.

He holds a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Semiotics and Future Studies at Portland Seminary. I’m an author of multiple books in my field, including Deep Roots, Wild Branches: Revitalizing the Church in the Blended EcologyDeep & Wild: Remissioning Your Church from the Outside In, A Field Guide to Methodist Fresh Expressions; Fresh Expressions in a Digital Age: How the Church Can Prepare for a Post-Pandemic Worldand co-author of Contextual Intelligence: Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Mission on the Front Lines with Leonard Sweet, as well as The 21st Century Christian: Following Jesus Where Life Happens with Michael Moynagh.

What to Expect

After a year of significant challenges, is there hope on the horizon? 

What if there is a future for your church that is more alive, vibrant, and fruitful than you had thought possible? What might that look like?

What if there is a future for your church that is more alive, vibrant, and fruitful than you had thought possible? What might that look like? Click To Tweet

In this session, Dr. Michael Beck will cast a vision of hope for the future church, and invite us to press into the possibilities that God’s Spirit is at work breathing new life and activating new mission energy into the Church of Jesus Christ.

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Your Church’s Planning Retreat

You and your team need a planning retreat where you can craft a strategy to take your congregation into the future.

Future Church Summit brings futurists and missional practitioners alongside your team to chart a course for the road ahead.

Learn more at https://freshexpressionsus.org/futurechurchsummit


Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions


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