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Meet Matt Lake. He Believes the Future of the Church Lies in the Synergy of the Old and the New

What if the future of the church lies in the synergy of the old and the new?

How can the depth and the beauty of the established church form disciples who will join in God’s mission, and how can experimental Christian communities help established congregations dream new dreams and reach new people?

At the Future Church Summit, Matt will be sharing on the topic, How Experimental Communities and Established Liturgies can Renew the Local Congregation

Get to Know Matt

Matt Lake serves as the Lead Pastor of the First UM Church in Williamsport, PA—an urban congregation that consists of a mix of traditional, and contemporary worship experiences. He uses his role as a lead pastor to encourage pioneers AND empower the “priesthood of all believers.”

What if the future of the church lies in the synergy of the old and the new?

In this session, Dr. Matt Lake explores how this can actually happen in a local congregation, and what it could mean for your church’s mission and ministry.

Your Church’s Planning Retreat

You and your team need a planning retreat where you can craft a strategy to take your congregation into the future.

Future Church Summit brings futurists and missional practitioners alongside your team to chart a course for the road ahead.

Learn more at https://freshexpressionsus.org/futurechurchsummit


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