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12 Questions Resilient Leaders Are Asking

With vaccinations rolling out around the world everything is changing again!

It’s impossible to predict what to expect in the years to come, but there are clear trends that church leaders need to reflect on.

Here are some questions to consider as you discern your church’s next steps.

With everything that has happened over the past year, what postures do churches need to take?

The pandemic has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and up-ended nearly every segment of our culture. When we posed this question to Scot McKnight and J.R. Briggs, they said we needed to become a “Tov” church and a “healing” church. Read more about what that means HERE.

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Not everyone will be ready to come back to in-person gatherings. How can we continue to improve our online worship events?

We asked Jason Moore, an innovative worship leader, what can be done about this. He believes the answer is to aim for a “hybrid worship” experience that engages people online and in person. Jason explains how in this video.

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The pandemic has been traumatic. Is your church equipped to heal those wounds?

Trauma is tangible, embodied injury that affects the daily lives of women and men all around us, and in our churches. Church leaders need training in how to navigate the wounds of our friends, neighbors, and parishoners. Join the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Team for this small, highly focused learning experience.

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Can you REALLY build community online?

COVID-19 has pushed many things online, including our relationships. Luke Edwards & Angelica Regalado Cieza believe that communities will also be increasingly hybridized. Read more here.

Learn more about Hybrid Community: Building and Bridging Virtual and In-Person Relationships

What if people want a church community, but aren’t interested in typical Sunday gatherings?

One solution is to move your church’s focus back into homes. J.R. Briggs spent a decade leading a network of house churches in Pennsylvania called Renew and he’ll be sharing what he learned here.

Learn more about Becoming a House Church Network: How to Go From a Single One Congregation to a Family of House Churches

How can my church serve those hurt by the pandemic’s economic effects?

In cities all around the U.S., you can find huge lines in parking lots dedicated to providing food for those whose livelihoods have been impacted by the pandemic. More than just groceries, churches can serve people by providing Christian community and a meal in a Dinner Church. 

Join Verlon Fosner and discover how this approach is being embraced around the country.

Learn more about Dinner Church: Re-Imagining Your (Larger) Congregation as Movement of (Smaller) Dinner Churches

How can I help my church navigate the different cultures that make up our neighborhood?

There is a great need for churches and church leaders to build Christian communities that disciple people of all cultures. The Cultural Intelligence track of the Resilient Church Academy will teach you about cultural values, bias, and give you skills to help you navigate in a multicultural world. You will also leave with an action plan for your church/ministry!

Learn more about Cultural Intelligence: Skills for Leading Churches and Loving Your Neighbors in a Multicultural World

The last year has been exhausting. How do you remain resilient? 

Church leaders have faced significant pressure since long before the pandemic, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Join Tod Bolsinger and J.R. Briggs for in-depth discussions about best practices of resilient leaders and their teams.

Learn more about Resilient Leadership: Thriving Through Change in Mission-Shaped Ministry

Can you reorganize your church for today’s mission field?

Most North American churches are designed for a world that is fading away. The future of the Church will require a new structure that empowers Jesus-followers to live out their mission. Matt Lake and Michael Beck will share what they are learning in reimagining local churches for mission.

Learn more about Transforming Congregations: A New Kind of Local Church for a New Mission Reality

Can you have a digital presence and still be engaging, coherent, and Jesus-like?

Churches and ministries have to be on the internet. But without a clear philosophy and strategy, a church’s digital presence can be haphazard. Chris Morton will discuss the building blocks of your ministry’s digital presence, and what it means to represent Jesus online.

Learn more about Digital Ministry: How to Use Websites, Email, Social Media & Live-streaming to Build Community, Make Disciples and Glorify God

What if I’m overwhelmed by social media?

You know your church needs to be on social media, but what if you’re overwhelmed? Brad Aycock will help you understand the social media landscape and give you the building blocks to publish consistently and purposefully.

Learn more about Social Media: Practical Training to Go from Simple to Savvy

How can we help start new churches among the Spanish-speaking population?

In North America, the Spanish-speaking population is growing rapidly. What would it look like to start new expressions of church for those who don’t go to church in the Latino community? Eliseo Mejia will introduce you to the opportunities for Expressiones Divinas in this Spanish language track.

Learn more about Expresiones Divinas: Spanish Language training in starting new expressions of Church.

If you don’t feel prepared for the future—that’s okay! The Church is the Bride of Christ, and is here to stay. 

But we also know that there is important work to be done in the specific places where God is calling us. By asking tough questions and learning new things, we grow in our resilience.

What questions are you asking?

Learn more at resilientchurchacademy.com.

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