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Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer: Convocation Speakers you do not want to miss

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer has been Senior Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Los Angeles since1982. In 2000, the congregation purchased The Great Western Forum (previous home of the Los Angeles Lakers),which they also operated as a commercial entertainment venue before selling it to Madison Square Garden in 2013. Dr. Ulmer was a founding board member and former President of The King’s University in Los Angeles, adjunct professor and Director of The King’s At Oxford; an annual summer session held at Oxford University. After accepting his call to the ministry, Dr. Ulmer founded Macedonia Bible Church in San Pedro, California. Dr. Ulmer is currently the Presiding Bishop over Macedonia International Bible Fellowship, an association of pastors representing ministries in Africa and the United States and based in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition, Dr. Ulmer is the founder and CEO of The Ulmer Institute, a non-profit organization focused on the research, training and treatment of psychological trauma in urban communities. Dr. Ulmer and his wife have been married for over 40 years and have two daughters, one son and five grandchildren.

Find out more about Bishop Ulmer at https://www.faithfulcentral.com/

For an inspiring presentation on leadership and calling – check out a Bishop Ulmer on You Tube

Bishop Ulmer is the author of many books including: The Anatomy of God, The Champion in You, Passionate God, Knowing God’s Voice and more.  An important work from 2019 Walls Can Fall, Reconciliation and Righteousness in a Divided World  speaks to and gives voice to the challenges and opportunities before all of us as we navigate these difficult days of pandemic, social injustices, tensions. racial tensions.

This challenging, sometimes personal, often painful journey into the reality of the shouts on picket lines, whispers in country clubs, daily headlines, talk up and down the aisles of houses of worship, in the halls of higher learning, on the streets of cities across America, on the roads of rural America, on the internet, camouflaged in the welcome signs, lurking in the law, glaring in the courtroom…declares that walls can fall. You need this powerful teaching, laced with personal testimony and challenging lessons. The walls of racism and ethnic division can fall; but only if we are willing to face them and pull them down, and only if we have an answer to the prophetic question: “is there any word from the Lord” on this timely topic. Dr. Ulmer delivers that word with fearless clarity and touching humanity. Read it and you will not only be faced with a revelation of the possibility, but more importantly, with the decision: what role can you play, while echoing the profound proclamation: Walls Can Fall!

You can get a taste of what to expect from Bishop Ulmer HERE:


Bishop Ulmer is an essential voice for all of us and you will be blessed by connecting and hearing from him during the Future Church Convocation.  You can learn more and register here for this gathering…  CLICK HERE



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