Fresh Expressions 


A Year-Long Journey of Equipping

Welcome to this year-long journey of encouragement, learning, and support for your fresh expression initiative!

As you sense God’s call into more intentional mission engagement, we hope to equip you to more fully and courageously step into that calling.  

Starting a fresh expression of church may be one of the most life-giving adventures you will ever experience. But that doesn’t mean it is easy. You will likely face criticism, challenges, and uncertainty along the way. But you may also see seeds of faith grow, lives transform, communities flourish…and your own trust in God deepen in profound ways.  

One thing we've discovered...

as we’ve worked with other pioneering mission leaders is that it is critical to take time to regularly step back for discernment, evaluation, and intentional action planning. To that end, we will be linking you to new content every month for 12 months. Each month, you will receive a training video and a planning document to apply that month’s topic to your fresh expression initiative. We hope the video will give you food for thought and reflection, and the planner will give you prompts for application and action planning.  

Another thing we’ve discovered is how important it is to have companions for the journey who share the heart of the mission. To that end, we will be following up the video and planning content with a monthly question and answer session with that month’s trainer. Each month will be led by a different Fresh Expression practitioner, and that trainer will be on a live question and answer session to field your questions related to the topic. We ask that you attend that live Q and A session having done the pre-work to assure that the session will be most beneficial to you and to the other participants.  

There's more...

Should you wish to pursue more in-depth and individualized support, custom coaching is available at an additional cost. If that is something that interests you, please visit our webpage to learn more and inquire about coaching:  

We believe that the Spirit of God is raising up leaders and catalyzing all kinds of new mission, and we are glad that you are a part of this movement of the Spirit. We will be praying for you as you seek to embody Christ’s love into the everyday networks, needs, and neighborhoods around you. In the words of the Apostle Paul:  

And this is my prayer, that your love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight to help you to determine what is best, so that in the day of Christ you may be pure and blameless, having produced the harvest of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ for the glory and praise of God.—Philippians 1:9-11  


In partnership in the Gospel,  

The Fresh Expressions Team  

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