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Greater New Jersey Training Event

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Fresh Expressions Director of Training, Shannon Kiser will present two workshops:

Workshop 1: Where Do We Begin?—starting and Developing a Fresh Expression of Church


How do you begin to develop a fresh expression of church with people who will likely never coming looking for your existing church? How do you figure out the focus of your fresh expression? How do you immerse yourself in the culture and the context of this focus? How would you grow disciples in this context?

This workshop will dig into mission possibilities, and help you begin to map out what a fresh expression might look like in your context. We will look at key questions to consider along the way. And we will encourage one another to take some risks for the sake of the kingdom!

Workshop 2: Going Beyond Ourselves—How to Create a Church Culture That Fosters Fresh Expressions


Most people attending your church like your church, or they wouldn’t be there. They may find it hard to imagine why bother with fresh expressions of church when people could just come here! How can you give them a vision for evangelism that takes seriously those who are not seeking out your church, for whatever reason? What are some intentional steps you can take with your church leadership? With your congregation? How can you identify people in your congregation who could be pioneer leaders? And how can your church become an enthusiastic Launchpad for fresh expressions of church? We will tackle these questions with practical applications for your church, and will invite you to identify which principles can best be put into practice in your setting to cultivate the ground for fresh expressions to flourish.

Sponsored by United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey