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Local Church Workshop – Boston, MA

Discover How Fresh Expressions Could Work in Your Church

You are excited about Fresh Expressions, but you know that you can’t start a movement alone.

After years of church leaders clamoring for a tailored learning experience, we’ve created the Local Church Workshop.

This half-day event is designed and tested to help you go from being a lone ranger to a connected team member.

Not only will we help you spread your passion to other leaders, and we’ll be there when big questions come up!

At a Local Church Workshop your team will discover:

  • what a fresh expression of church is
  • how a fresh expressions can transform your church
  • how to experiment with fresh expressions in your setting
  • how to involve different kinds of people
  • where in your city you can start a fresh expression today

Do you want to build a team that is passionate about starting forms of church for people who don’t yet go to church?

You understand that some people in your community will never come to your church.

You want to go to them—but you don’t want to go alone.

We’re here to help you spread this passion to your church.


SNOW DATE: February 9th