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Northwest Ohio Vision Day

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Vision Days are a great way to discover more about what it means to be involved in starting fresh expressions of church. Over 1700 people have participated in Vision Days in 30 different cities to date. A typical Vision Day lasts 6 hours and provides the perfect opportunity to discover what it means to be the Church in new and creative ways, hear from Fresh Expressions practitioners, learn how to renew existing congregations through fresh expressions of church and discern what this could mean for your region, community, or neighborhood. There is active discussion as well as opportunity to build networks and relationships among those in your area.

At the Vision Day you will discover:

– How fresh expressions of church are renewing the church around the world
– What it means for your church to be Mission-Shaped
– How to intentionally engage with the community beyond your church walls
– Tools for starting fresh expressions of church in your area
– Help host a Vision Day in your city! Send us an email to get started.

The Vision Day is ideal for:

– Anyone interested in renewal within established congregations
– Those interested in building relationships and serving the communities in which they live or work
– Those who have real questions about fresh expressions and mission-shaped church
– Those who have started something new and need some practical help


This Vision Day is sponsored by the Western Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church.