How Growing Churches Can Multiply Their Reach and Impact

Featuring David Fitch

Is it possible for large churches to have a transformative, localized neighborhood presence?  

According to David Fitch, not only is it possible—it's essential for large churches who want to have a significant missional impact in this generation.  

In this FREE webinar you will learn:  

  • The opportunities and challenges growing churches have in hyper-local ministry 
  • How any church (large or small) can use Jesus' own tactics to transform your congregation
  • How to reframe your approach to communicating the gospel to fit your neighborhood context


February 28, 2017


David Fitch is B. R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary Chicago, IL. He pastors Peace of Christ Church (C&MA) Westmont Il along with three other 

pastors. He has participated in 7 church plants in his life and coaches church plant all over US and Canada. He writes on the issues the local church must face in Mission including cultural engagement, leadership, and theology. His theology combines Neo-Anabaptist streams of thought, his commitments to evangelicalism and his love for political theory. His latest book is entitled Faithful Presence: How God Shapes the Church for the Sake of the World. He's married to Rae Ann and they have one child, a son Max.

Available March 2018 

Jesus gave his followers seven key practices. When we practice these disciplines, God becomes faithfully present to us, and we in turn become God's faithful presence to the world. Pastor and professor David Fitch 

shows how these seven practices can revolutionize the church's presence in our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the kingdom.  

Our communities can be changed when they see us practicing our faith. Go and do.

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