2018 National Gathering: Steeple to Street 

This gathering focused primarily on developing the leadership required for this new mission era in which the Church finds itself.

The Church is rediscovering its identity in mission. More and more churches are taking seriously the call to engage with their communities…and many more would like to. But this new mission landscape is going to need new skills of leadership. Bold, risk-taking, creative, discerning leadership. Leaders who will move to the mission edges and foster fresh expressions of church. Leaders who will take on the adaptive challenges within existing churches to catalyze new energy for mission. Leaders who will make room for experiments and risks for the sake of the gospel.

Speakers included Alan Hirsch, Tod Bolsinger, Deb Hirsch, Graham Cray, Evelyn Sekajipo, Iosmar Alvarez and many more.

You can watch the sessions and/or listen to the audio by purchasing the audio & video sessions HERE.

2016 National Gathering: The Power of AND

In 2016, we explored the power of ‘And’. This little word links groups of words together weaving a story that is richer and more varied than it would be if any word in the group was left alone.

Faced with the reality of our post-Christian culture, Christians across several continents concerned with giving a credible witness to Jesus in our time are discovering the power of “and.” Historic congregations are starting new communities of faith in networks and neighborhoods previously unreached by any church. There is a renewed interest in the Church as a movement of missionary disciples gathered to worship and sent out on mission at home and everywhere in between.

The theme of and permeated all of the sessions, highlighting the very real potential for tradition and experimentation to coexist. Conversations and presentations included Fresh Expressions and the local church, Fresh Expressions and the neighborhood, Fresh Expressions and your network, Fresh Expressions and everyday life, Fresh Expressions and your calling, making the mixed-economy of church work, bridging the pew and the neighborhood, finding and developing pioneers, and so much more. Plenary speakers included Graham Cray, Jo Saxton, Renzo Bonetti, Tory Baucum, Brian Sanders, David Fitch and Jorge Acevedo. Workshops were led by a variety of other missional leaders and Audrey Assad grounded the gathering in worship.

Audio and video recordings of many of these sessions from 2016 can be found on all three pages of our RESOURCES page