A Journey to Reframation: Exploring and Enlarging our Perception of God and Gospel



As Christians we can often be starved of imagination and mystery.  

In Alan Hirsch’s new book Reframation (to be released in August ’19), he calls us to reframe and re-enchant our worldview, enlarging our perception of God and gospel, and awakening ourselves, and those around us, to the Grand Story of God.

Drawing on Scripture, theology, poetry, literature, the arts, philosophy, and pop culture, Reframation refuses to settle for pious platitudes, and appeals to each and every one of us to experience and articulate the good news narrative in ways that resonate with the spiritual hunger and longings of those in our contemporary culture.


Join us as Cheryl McCarthy and Alan Hirsch discuss themes from his upcoming book and discover the role of Love, Desire, Longing, Beauty, Repentance, in deepening our knowledge of God. 

(Webinar- 1:04 runtime)



Our Presenters

Alan Hirsch is the founding director of Forge Mission Training Network, 100Movements, The 5Q Collective, and Future Travelers. All these are focussed on developing missional leadership and movemental organization. Known for his innovative approach to mission, Alan is considered to be a thought-leader and key mission strategist for churches across the Western world. Hirsch is the author of The Forgotten Ways; 5Q; The Shaping of Things to Come, ReJesus, and The Faith of Leap (with Michael Frost); Untamed (with Debra Hirsch); Right Here, Right Now (with Lance Ford), and On the Verge (with Dave Ferguson).


Cheryl McCarthy serves as the Director of The Ananias Project and the Fresh Expressions US Coordinator of Prayer Mobilization.  She brings over 25 years of Intercessory Prayer experience as she and her husband, Bill, have served in Anglican church plants. They began at Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax, VA then served in the Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMiA) for 7 years. Cheryl served as the ACNA Canon for Church Planting of the Anglican Mid Atlantic Diocese and Executive Director of Titus Institute, Tom Herrick, as his Head Intercessor for 5 years and was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The SEEDS Ministry for 6 years in New Bern, NC. SEEDS established Kingdom Transformation across denominational lines by Prayer, Connecting, and Empowering the community fueled by the Holy Spirit. Cheryl and Bill lead Ananias Retreats for FXUS and Ananias Project Encounter Prayer Rooms for FXUS and Missio Alliance National Gatherings. Cheryl and Bill reside in New Bern, NC with their quiver full: Caela, Isabella, Daniel, Gracie, and Liliana.



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