How to Craft a Discipleship Journey that Leads Towards Fresh Expressions


A free webinar that will help you craft a journey that leads your entire congregation to participate in God’s mission. Featuring Pastor and Fresh Expressions US trainer Matt Lake.

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Does Your Church Have a Journey?

Jesus wanted us to not just know about Him, but join Him in what He is up to in the world.

Every congregation needs a clear path for how to grow into the image of Christ.

Sadly, not every church has a clear discipleship journey. Even churches that do focus on discipleship often settle for simply educating about the Bible and morality.

But Jesus came with a mission and those who follow him should know what it is and how to join it!

In this webinar, you will learn…

  • Why you need a congregation-wide discipleship journey
  • How to inspire people who are used to only “going to church?”
  • How real churches are empowering ordinary people to pursue God’s mission in their daily life

Here’s a taste!


Matt Lake serves as the Lead Pastor of the First Church in Williamsport, PA—an urban congregation that consists of a mix of traditional, contemporary worship experiences as well as a network of fresh expressions of church called the Acts Network.


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