Steeple to Street Audio & Video Sessions


Over 20 hours of video and audio from the Fresh Expressions National Gathering 2018, ‘Steeple to Street,’ including sessions with Alan and Deb Hirsch, Evelyn Sekajipo, Tod Bolsinger, Graham Cray and more!


This audio-video pack includes high-quality videos of all keynote presentations & panel discussions, as well as videos of select forums and workshops from the Fresh Expressions National Gathering 2018, ‘Steeple to Street’. 

It also includes high-quality audio of all the other forums & workshops.

You will receive links via email once you purchase here with the ability to download the content.

Videos of all the sessions below will be included in the pack:

Keynote Address & Panel Videos

Opening Sermon: Steeple To Street – Evelyn Sekajipo

Keynote 1: Atlas To Exploration: Adaptive Leadership For A New Ministry Frontier – Tod Bolsinger

Keynote 2: Monologue To Mobilize: Leadership That Releases A New Jesus Movement – Alan Hirsch

Keynote 3: Barriers To Bridges: Connecting Relationally With A Changing Culture – Deb Hirsch

Keynote 4: Rowing To Sailing: Catching The Wind Of The Spirit Into An Uncharted Mission – Iosmar Alvarez

Closing Sermon: Temporary To Eternal: Preparing The Church For The Ultimate Paradigm Shift – Phil Potter

Panel Of Pioneers

Panel Of Leaders From the Inherited Church

Friday Forum Videos

From Training Leaders Within The Church To Training Leaders Going From The Church – Evelyn Sekajipo, Matt Lake, Alan Hirsch

From Orchestrating To Improvising: A New Kind Of Leadership – Phil Potter & J.R. Briggs

From Going Fast To Going Slow: Approaches To Creating Culture Change – Tod Bolsinger & David Fitch

Friday Workshop Videos

Discernment: What Do I Do Next In My Fresh Expression? – Graham Cray

Cultivating A Multicultural Fresh Expression – Evelyn Sekajipo

Practices That Form A People For Mission – David Fitch

Saturday Forum Videos

From Program To Presence – David Fitch & J.R. Briggs

From Lead Pastor To Lead Sender – Travis Collins, Iosmar Alvarez, Phil Potter

From Script To Story: Evangelism That Meets People Where They Are – Deb Hirsch, Verlon Fosner, Michael Beck

Saturday Workshop Videos

Forming Mission Around The Table – Verlon Fosner & Isaac Olivarez

Proclaiming The Gospel From Steeple To Street – David Fitch

Going From 2 To 12: Starting Multiple Fresh Expressions Without Additional Pastoral Staff – Michael Beck


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