You know that God is calling your church to be a faithful presence in the neighborhoods, workplaces and subcultures of your city.

But how do you help an established church re-envision their practices and purpose?

Explore seven tangible practices for embodying Jesus’ faithful presence that are rooted in the model of Jesus and designed for the changing cultural landscape.

7 Practices for the Church on Mission is perfect for established church leaders, church planters and pioneers of experimental expressions of Church.

This one-day workshop featuring David Fitch and J.R. Briggs will give you concrete methods for organizing your church to join God’s mission in the world.


7 Practices Will

  • Help you locate the “half-circle” opportunities—individuals and groups longing for you to be God’s faithful presence—God has given you and your church community
  • Empower you to craft teaching and discipling opportunities to embed the 7 Practices concepts in your church community
  • Provide useful others who are growing in their capacity to embody God’s faithful presence

Join us and Learn

  • Embodied processes that work in small groups or large congregations
  • An essential framework for understanding the nature of Christian community in an increasingly secular world
  • Proven methods of discipling people before and after they decide to follow Jesus

“The Church is in urgent need of discerning the way towards healing in our local communities, and the larger cultural landscape. 7 Practices for the Church on Mission offers us the practices to help us do just that.”


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Our 7 Practices Equipping Team is available to train and equip leaders in the practices first-hand and in person for deeper engagement. Want to learn more about bringing one of the trainers to your event or church? Fill out the contact information and we’ll be in touch with you soon.