ACT NOW: $1000 discount for the first 10 churches to apply and register upon acceptance

Are you ready to cut through the noise of church growth programs and zero in on cutting-edge research and practice?

Do you know things in your church have to change, but you don’t know what to do about it?

Do you feel like your church is disconnected from the everyday life of your community?

Are you tired of thinking about transformation, and ready to at least try something?

We want to walk with you and your team to do just that.

Through an 18-month cohort process, you will discover how to be attentive and strategic in re-shaping the culture within your church in order to more effectively BE the church in a changing world.



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Featuring Tod Bolsinger, recognized leader in the field of adaptive leadership in the church and colleagues from Fuller Seminary; partnering with Fresh Expressions US, a network of leaders with a track record of mission experimentation emerging out of inherited church systems; and other leading voices in the field. 

What is Included?

  • Scholarly yet practical

  • Internal congregational change process for outward mission impact

  • Seminar and experiential learning

  • Coaching for just-in-time learning and for the courage to face inevitable resistance

What Happens?

3 in-person summits: Extended training time with thought leaders and peers 

Online content: To further your learning and share with your congregation

Webinars: To interface with training and inspiration between summit gatherings

Guided tools: To use locally for missional experimentation

Team coaching: To support your church team in turning ideas into action

Cohort coaching: To foster idea-sharing and feedback from peer churches


Get in on the ground floor of this cohort with Tod Bolsinger and take a deep dive into applying the principles of Canoeing the Mountains in your local church!  

The deadline to apply is September 30, 2020.

Limited spaces are available.

*Note that we require 18 churches to be registered to be able to run the cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if we’re a good fit for the cohort?

Have you read “Canoeing the Mountains,” and think it was great, but you are having trouble applying it in your local setting? Have you tried to implement adaptive change in your congregation, and got stuck when you faced apathy or resistance? Are you a medium to small-sized congregation and know you need to make some changes? Are you a larger congregation that is trying to break out of the consumer-oriented modes of ministry that thwart your desire for a deeper, more missional church? When you look out on your community and you wish your church were out there making a bigger difference, does your heart break? Do you recognize that this pandemic era is an opportunity to reset the priorities and mission impact of your church?

If any of these sound familiar, this cohort is a good fit for you.

You are not the only church that is struggling to figure out new ways of being the church in a changing world. But if you care about entering into that struggle and discovering the unique opportunities for your church to engage a changing world, you are a good fit for this cohort.

Who should attend the summits?

We allow up to 6 people from a participating church to attend the summits.  Included on this team should be a mixture of:

Permission Givers: senior pastor, associate pastor, influential leaders (elders, key leaders, trusted mentors) who have the role and influence to effect cultural shifts in the church system

Pioneers: entrepreneurial disciples who are interested in mission experimentation in and beyond the local congregation

Both Permission Givers and Pioneers will be critical to the process and should be in the conversation from the start.

When and where are the summits? 

2020 Adaptive Church Cohort:

November 13, 2020–Virtual Cohort Launch: “Recruiting Your Adaptive Cohort Team”

January 22-23–In-Person Summit, First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX

October 1-2–in-person summit, First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX

3rd summit date TBD

What if the COVID 19 situation continues to affect gatherings and travel?

We will be carefully monitoring the situation and heeding the advice of federal and local authorities and public health officials in regards to travel and in-person gatherings. In the event that it would be irresponsible or impossible to hold in-person gatherings, summits will go forward as planned online.

What is the cost?

The full price for your entire team to participate in the 18-month Adaptive Church cohort is $9000, which includes training, materials, coaching, and meals at 3 in-person summits. The payments will be spread out throughout the 18-month process.

  • Nonrefundable deposit upon registration: $1850 ($1000 for the first 10 churches to register)
  • Automatic monthly payments for the 18 months of the cohort (roughly $399 per month)
  • Second round of applications: on or before July 1

Do you have scholarships available?

Yes, we do. We know that many churches can stretch their budget and send a team. In addition, we have implemented an installment payment system to span 2 annual budget cycles over the duration of the cohorts.  However, there are scholarships available for churches in need of a little support. If you feel that your church should be considered for a scholarship, we invite you to submit the scholarship portion with your initial application. Please recognize that we will be prioritizing churches that have significant financial need and/or will add elements of diversity to the cohort experience.

When will I hear if my application is approved?

The first round of applicants will be notified on or before May 15.
The second round of applicants will be notified on or before June 15.
After that, applicants will be notified on a rolling basis.
This first cohort will be capped at 35 churches. Once we have reached our maximum capacity, we will put approved applicants on a waiting list for the next cohort.

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