Experience God outside of a Church Building!

Have you:

✔️ Ever wondered what church would look like on a bike ride, ski slope, kayaking, or in an art studio?

✔️ Ever felt a tension between being a “good Christian” and enjoying and exploring your passion or hobby?

✔️ If so, this one-day training IS THE PLACE FOR YOU to dig deeper and dream about new forms of church.


– The theology of play: yes, playing in creation is part of God’s intentions for us!

– The missiology of play: God is sending us into communities to dig deeper and play with others!

-The ecclesiology of play: Church can emerge in the midst of communities of play!

About Our Trainers


Founder & Director of The Center for Play and Exploration

Dave’s training in Education, Theology, Psychology, and Philosophy have led him to a fascination with the power of curiosity to unlock potential in people and organizations. His experiences with the Center have convinced him that human life and work can be an act of playful exploration. He loves old couples, being surprised, and the rock and roll.

Through presentations, conversations, experiences, and of course, PLAY… you will discover how your favorite activity or hobby or interest could be the very space God wants you to inhabit more deeply and profoundly. And you will learn how fresh expressions of church can emerge in the midst of your spaces and networks of play.


Bring Church at Play to YOUR Community

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