Does this sound like you?

Your church is eager to find new ways to love and serve your neighbors

Your leaders have heard of terms like “fresh expressions,” “missional communities” or “microchurches”, but don’t know where to start

You attended a Fresh Expressions US Vision Day and wish your church’s leaders  could have been there, too

You are ready to start fresh expressions of Church. Now, how do you motivate your congregation?

You know that you can’t start a movement alone. A Local Church Workshop is designed and tested to help you go from being a lone ranger to a connected team member. Not only will we help you spread your passion to other leaders, we’ll be there when big questions come up!

At a Local Church Workshop you will:

  • Be inspired by remembering the core vision of your local church, your denominational tradition and the mission of God.
  • Learn why your neighborhood needs new forms of church and how to get started
  • Discover practical methods for engaging your church members reaching their friends and neighbors with fresh expressions of church

Common Sessions and Activities in Local Church Workshops

  • Why the Church Needs Fresh Expressions. Discover the current state of the North American Church and a new way to reach our communities.
  • How to Start a Fresh Expression of Church. Learn five steps that any church community can take to experiment with new forms of Church.
  • Three Roles in a Mixed Economy Church. Help your church members find their place in the Fresh Expressions approach to mission.
  • Interactive Activities, Including: Marshmallow Towers, People Mapping, Asset Mapping and much more.

“We had Mitch come a do a local church Fresh Expressions workshop here at Heritage. It was a great experience for our church!

The majority of those who came have never heard of Fresh Expressions.  Mitch did a wonderful job explaining the fresh expressions model. By the way, Mitch made the workshop fun.   Our people are excited about starting several Fresh Expression in our local area.

I would highly recommend a Fresh Expressions Local Church workshop if you’re church is looking for a new way to reach people for Jesus.”

Karl, Lancaster PA

Your Guide: Mitch Marcello

Mitch Marcello is the Director of Acts Network, a network of fresh expressions of Church that developed out of Fist Church in Williamsport, PA.

Over 300 people participate in Community Groups and Worship groups and meet in homes, parks, gyms, coffee shops, wherever community happens. Through these communities, Acts seeks to build places where believers and non-believers build meaningful relationships with each other and grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mitch is from Williamsport, and understands what it takes to help churches in this area grow in mission.

Local Church Workshops Include:

  • Preparatory calls with a trainer. A movement of Fresh Expressions begins with prayer and partnership. We’ll contact you to learn more about you and help your church community prepare for this special day.
  • One-Day Personalized Workshop. Not all Local Church Workshops are alike! We’ll customize a practical, fun and inspirational one-day event that fits your needs.
  • Tools for Follow Up. You’ll have the opportunity to get additional resources, such as coaching, Learning Communities, books and more to keep the mission moving forward after your workshop.

I want to host a Local Church Workshop!